Director's Message

Director's Message

Dr. Srinivas Nalla

MDS - Orthodontist, and Implantologist , in his words :

I am grateful that I have been able to establish my practice and follow my passion for dentistry every day. I have always believed in delivering pain free treatment, with easy methods which are quick and precise. It’s with experience that I know, the faster and gentler the procedure, more the comfort.

I see to it that, I practice General as well as Specialized dentistry. Adding new certifications and attending courses, seminars in advancements of Orthodontic (BRACES), Implantology (With full mouth rehabilitation ) ,Wisdom tooth/ Gum Surgery , Cosmetic Dentistry has become a way of life and a Vision for making Siri Dental Hospital grow.

I like taking up complex cases and treat all kinds of dental patients, this way in Siri we challenge ourselves and channelize our institution for progress.

I also keep myself occupied by giving lectures and teaching students to motivate them to take up this noble profession , and become dental professionals with knowledge, integrity, compassion , and humility.

My Vision For Siri is longterm , hence we as an institution believe in upgrading and learning new skills, spreading awareness through dental camps, having subsidized rates for people with lower income and working hard to deliver the latest dental services, consistently