Surgical Orthodontics

Surgical Orthodontics

Those with dental abnormalities like bad bites (malocclusion) and crooked teeth need to get the same corrected by an orthodontist. Similarly, abnormalities of the jaw are corrected by an oral and maxillofacial surgeon. Likewise, if you suffer from both conditions, then you need to find an orthodontist and oral surgeon working together to correct the deformity.

For such cases, you can refer to Siri Dental Services for it not only specializes in them but also adopts a collaborative approach to the complex dental / facial problems. The team at Siri Dental has worked to help thousands and thousands with straight teeth, bright smiles and facial symmetry – a beauty of shape, form and position.

Surgical Orthodontics Treatment in Hyderabad | Siri Dental Hospital.

Surgical Orthodontics Treatment in Hyderabad | Siri Dental Hospital.

Surgical Orthodontics Treatment in Hyderabad | Siri Dental Hospital.

Surgical Orthodontics Treatment in Hyderabad | Siri Dental Hospital.


  • Protruding or detruding chin.
  • Gummy smile.
  • Severe upper and lower teeth protrusion.
  • Overall elongation of face.

In short, they can be used to set right jawbone discrepancies – from heredity to trauma and other developmental problems.


An orthodontic patient needs to undergo an initial period of orthodontic treatment to align the teeth which could take anywhere between four to twelve months. This period gap is necessary to ensure that the teeth align properly after surgery is completed. In addition, surgery usually is not scheduled until the teeth have been properly aligned.

Orthodontic surgeon uses advanced orthodontic appliances to align teeth and this helps in stabilizing the teeth and jawbones. Following the surgery there is a period of follow-up in the form of orthodontic treatment to achieve final alignment of the teeth, thereby complementing the new facial symmetry.


It’s not possible in the case of adults, and those patients who have completed their bone growth for their improper tooth/bone relationship needs to be frequently treated with surgery.

On the other hand

  • In case of children as young as age 7, one of the several orthodontic appliances can be used to direct bone growth, thus eliminating the need for surgery in some patients.
  • In case of younger patients, future facial growth combined with timely orthodontic intervention can sometimes correct protrusion and/or retrusions of the jawbone.


There are the usual risks associated as is the case with any type of surgery.

Apart from that, surgical orthodontic procedures are not something that is new for they are routinely performed on a regular basis. In case you are going in for one such surgery, then your oral surgeon would explain the risks, to set your mind at ease.


  • Improvement in Dental Health with no bad bites or crooked teeth.
  • Jaw-bones and profile relationships are more stable, functional and aesthetic. Facial appearance is improved.
  • More beautiful, healthier and happier appearance.